Tendaji is

Swahili for "making things happen."

It all started with a question: What can we do to increase positive outcomes among the underserved youth and families in central Arkansas? The Tendaji Community Development Corporation is the answer.

We are purpose-drivenfostering stronger communities and empowering individuals through programs and services that seek to build up one’s education, skills and self-worth. Tendaji is impacting the whole child and the whole family.

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Meet Samantha

Student of Reclaiming Scholars.

Samantha was a seventh-grader at Henderson Middle School when she was suspended for starting a fight with another student. Samantha struggled with low self-esteem and it became apparent in her behavior and grades. During the Reclaiming Scholars program, Samantha realized she was giving into peer pressure and how to change her negative image of herself.

Our Mission

Tendaji promotes models that encourage lasting change in the lives of young people and families by helping them realize their potential for growth in the context of caring relationships, nontraditional learning experiences and community service.

Educate students through dynamic after-school and summer programs

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Revive teens’ self-worth through a first of its kind alternative to suspension program

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Empower adults and families through training, legal counseling, and medical services



Creative and engaging learning sessions are tailor-made to meet students’ needs.


Creative and engaging learning sessions are tailor-made to meet students’ needs.


Training and restorative justice for children, youth and adults are at the heart of what we do.
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Through the arts and science, students gain experiences that stretch the mind and increase curiosity and creativity.
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Become a partner

Help our children defy the odds. Your support as a Tendaji Partner will assist in providing high-quality, after-school and summer programming as well as an alternative to out-of-school suspension programs. Support for after-school and summer programs that provide a strong start and continuing support for students as they grow, is the number one key policy solution recommended to help improve educational outcomes for all Arkansas students, especially African American students. (Breaking Down the Barriers, Part III, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families, August 2018).