WRAP Sessions

Tendaji’s Reclaiming Scholars program provided W.R.A.P. (Working to Build Healthy Relationships Around Perspectives) Sessions to all 6th grade students in the Little Rock School District. These sessions were strategically offered during English classes to ensure that all sixth graders in the district received the opportunity to participate.


During the 2021-22 school year, our W.R.A.P. Sessions were used to teach students how to positively address conflict by understanding how their life experiences and the experiences of others, shape different situational views and behaviors. W.R.A.P. Sessions taught students Social Emotional Learning strategies, provided them with the tools to develop Positive Relationships, and offered methods to identify and combat the four main forms of bullying. Sessions allowed students an opportunity to discuss their views on bullying, the impact of bullying on their mental health, and occurrences of bullying at their schools. This setting offered a safe space for students to be honest and vulnerable about their experiences with bullying, describe how they and their peers were affected by these experiences, and identify if they have participated in behavior that is considered a form of bullying. Sessions also encouraged students to reflect on their behavior and offer their observations on what may have caused their behavior.

During these sessions, students received tools such as Social Emotional Mood Meters, Positive Affirmation Bracelets, and Behavior Coping Toolkits. These items help students remember the activities of the day and encourage them to maintain their focus on positive behavior throughout the semester.

After open discussions, activities were conducted based on student responses to the session. Students engaged in activities such as role play to demonstrate effective methods to combat bullying and other negative situations, or developing and sharing charts for their peers to use in the development of solutions to behaviors that cause negative behaviors they encounter in their school.

At the conclusion of each workshop, administrators were surveyed to assess their satisfaction with the W.R.A.P. Sessions. They provided positive feedback and identified items that resonated with them in addressing negative behavior on their campus.

Over 1,848 students were served through Tendaji’s W.R.A.P. Sessions in the 2021-22 school year.



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