Erica Joyner

Erica Joyner is an established expert in Administrative and Employee Services, with a professional journey spanning over 15 years in various leadership capacities.
Her prowess in human resources is marked by a certification in Human Resources Senior Management showcasing her depth of knowledge and commitment to excellence in this field. Her certifications extend to Human Resource Law, FMLA Compliance, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration, equipping her with a comprehensive skill set to address diverse HR challenges.

At Tendaji CDC, Erica serves as the HR Consultant, where she provides specialized support in maintaining the integrity of people management, adhering to employment laws, and building a culture of advancement and growth. Her role is pivotal in crafting competitive compensation packages, advancing employee development initiatives, and ensuring compliance with State and Federal employment regulations.

As the founder of Joyner People Solutions, LLC, a woman-owned business specializing in HR services for small businesses, Erica brings a unique perspective to HR management. This venture reflects her understanding of the nuances in HR challenges faced by different organizations, including those at Tendaji CDC.

Erica has served as an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) since 2011 and the Central Arkansas Human Resources Association (CAHRA) since 2013. In 2021, Erica was elected to contribute her expertise by serving on CAHRA’s Legislative and DEIB Committees.

In her role at Tendaji CDC, Erica’s passion for fostering a positive workplace culture and her dedication to employee engagement shine through. She is known for her ability to streamline administrative operations effectively, ensuring that the organization’s HR processes align seamlessly with its strategic objectives.

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